Texas Grocer Signs on with BioPay

HERNDON, Va. - Biometric identification provider BioPay, LLC has signed a multi-store agreement with Brownsville, Texas-based Lopez Supermarkets that will bring biometric technology to its stores.

The deal will provide seven stores with BioPay's Paycheck Secure electronic identification system that allows people to securely cash payroll checks with a touch of their finger. No other ID is required. Customers will also be able to use their finger to pay for purchases by the end of the year.

"Lopez Supermarkets is one of the largest grocery chains in Brownsville, and we consider ourselves a leader in the community," said Jaime Lopez, vice president, Lopez Supermarkets. "As such, we need to remain on the cutting edge of technology to bring convenience to our customers. Paycheck Secure gives us that. It also gives us a way to effectively eliminate fraud."

Beginning this month, the Paycheck Secure system will be installed at six Lopez Supermarkets throughout Brownsville and at one location in Harlingen, Texas.

The system will let all of Lopez Supermarket's affiliated stores share customer information in real-time. This enables store employees at every affiliated location to access a customer's enrollment information and check transaction history with a fingerprint scan. There is no need for the customer to enroll at each location.

Clerks can also view unique "customer notes." For instance, customer notes can signal a long-time customer so clerks, including part-time help and seasonal employees, can greet them warmly.

Supermarket employees will also have access to a customer's negative check transaction information at any BioPay location across the United States. If the person is associated with a negative transaction, advanced alert mechanisms warn the clerk, enabling the transaction to be declined before it is processed.
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