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Tesco Takes Over Air Miles Program from J Sainsbury

LONDON - Tesco is launching a popular air miles customer loyalty program that it took over from its competitor J Sainsbury, the BBC reports.

Tesco's 10 million loyalty card holders will be able to redeem points earned from purchases at the store for airline tickets.

Analysts have estimated that shoppers spending 60 pounds ($85) a week at Tesco stores would earn enough points to fly to Paris and back twice a year, according to the AP.

Air Miles, the company which operates the program, chose Tesco as its main retail grocery partner in November 2001 after a six-year stint with Sainsbury.

Analysts have said that the new loyalty program could extend the retail giant's lead in market share over Sainsbury, its closest rival.

But Sainsbury has claimed that the air miles program was becoming less popular with its customers.
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