Tesco Store to be Equipped with Self-Checkouts at Half of All Lanes

LONDON, U.K. -- In one of the most aggressive deployments of self-checkout so far in a food retail setting, European retailer Tesco plans to install mini self-checkout units at more than half of the front-end lanes of its Metro store in the Bishopsgate neighborhood here.

Adding 11 new checkout positions to the redesigned front-end area, the retailer said it will install the NCR FastLane Mini units, in what NCR said is a deal that represents the largest single-store self-checkout installation in the United Kingdom.

"We have already deployed smaller installments of the NCR FastLane Mini self-checkout in six other busy city stores in London, and the customer acceptance has exceeded our expectations," said Attila Winstanley, productivity director for Tesco. "The compact size of this unit means we can maximize the number of self-checkout positions available for our customers. In these locations, our customers are often business people who appreciate being able to buy their lunch quickly or select a few items on the way home from work."

The NCR FastLane Mini is a small-footprint full-function self-checkout system that features a touch-screen user interface, multimedia graphics, voice and visual prompts, and a signature capture pad for completing credit card transactions. It can also be equipped to accept coupons, deactivate electronic surveillance tags, and provide ATM-like functionality by dispensing cash back.
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