Tesco Renews License for Enterprise Data Warehouse Solution

European retailer Tesco said it has renewed its license for its current enterprise data warehouse (EDW) management solution, which it uses to manage and analyze its 60 terabytes of enterprise data.

Tesco is working with Teradata for the EDW system. "The enterprise data warehouse on Teradata is central to the Tesco business intelligence strategy of delivering both management information and analytical services to the 13 countries that Tesco operates in as well as our sourcing centers and service center in India," said Chris Brocklesby, Tesco's UK IT director. "It provides a single integrated view of the Tesco business."

The retailer uses the EDW to provide management information systems for commercial reporting, supply chain, and stores, as well as for Tescolink, which is used to exchange information between 8,000 people across more than 2000 suppliers.

"Tesco is satisfied with the consistently high performance delivered by Teradata and particularly its proven ability to run a mixed workload of management information and complex analytics," said Marcel Borlin, program manager for Tesco.
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