Tesco Enhances End-user Application Training with New Software

LONDON, United Kingdom -- In an effort to ensure the successful end-user adoption of software applications throughout its enterprise, Tesco plans to deploy a new training solution to all of its locations worldwide.

The solution, called the Adaptive Learning Suite (ALS) by Stockholm, Sweden-based knowledge assurance solutions provider Enlight, will be used to create, deploy, manage, and track interactive training and performance support for Tesco employees. The solution is designed to help roll out complex software to large volumes of end-users while minimizing the associated support costs.

"Our criteria for selection covered the technology solutions available today, as well as vision, roadmap for future developments, organizational culture, and the overall fit with Tesco business requirements," said Tesco spokesman James McNulty.

Initially, Tesco will use Enlight's solution to support the international deployment of Retek's Retail Merchandise System, in the UK, Japan, China, Turkey, Thailand, and Korea.
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