Tesco Builds Enterprisewide RFID Infrastructure With OATSystems

CHESHUNT, England – Tesco PLC plans to standardize on the OAT Foundation Suite from Waltham, Mass.-based OATSystems for its enterprisewide RFID initiatives across its network of more than 2,000 locations.

Tesco's initial rollout will focus on tracking high-value goods throughout its supply chain. Tesco selected OAT Foundation Suite because it required an industrial-strength platform to power its RFID infrastructure as the company transitions RFID into production and expands its deployment.

"What customers want to know when they shop at Tesco is that the items they want to buy are available and on the shelves," said Colin Cobain, Tesco's IT director. "By extending our use of radio bar codes in our secure supply chain initiative, we'll be able to improve on-shelf availability while reducing shrinkage. We will start with using radio bar codes on high-value goods, and plan to expand our rollout across our entire supply chain over the next few years."

Cobain continued: "OAT has superb expertise and proven RFID technology, and is able provide the scalable RFID framework which is important to us in rolling out our secure supply chain initiative throughout our international business. This will lead to a more efficient supply chain and greater accuracy of orders and deliveries, and even though this trial does not involve customers, they will find improved availability of products in our stores as a result of this initiative."

The OAT Foundation Suite is a solution that enables businesses to gain real-time visibility of inventory and goods movement across the enterprise's extended supply chain. The OAT Foundation Suite is a set of preintegrated products for capturing and integrating RFID data while providing corporate IT with centralized control of its RFID network across disparate locations.
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