Taylor Farms Powers Up With Solar Panels

Taylor Farms is again taking a lead role in innovation and sustainability with a newly installed solar energy system which features 2,250 solar panels on the roof of its Salinas, Calif.-based salad processing plant. The energy from the panels will help power the plant with 1 million kilowatt hours each year.

“Taylor Farms is committed to adopting cleaner energy and reducing its carbon footprint," said John Petroff, director of sustainability. "The launch of our solar program is the result of a four month installation and permitting process. The solar energy initiative is just the latest example of how Taylor Farms embraces sustainability."

In September of 2012, Taylor Farms Retail also implemented a fuel cell power system, which provides the company with a cleaner energy solution; for each unit of electricity generated, the fuel cells produce 30 percent less carbon dioxide and use 99.99 percent less water than a conventional power plant.

The two systems are capable of supplying the facility with about two-thirds of its typical demand for electricity. These investments in energy-generating equipment complement a strategy of using efficient machines and processes to minimize the demand for energy at Taylor Farms facilities.


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