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Target Invites Star Wars Fans to Shop 'Force Friday'

For the next week, Target shoppers across the country will be invited at checkout by conveyor belt messaging to shop Force Friday, a special "Stars Wars" theme event starting at midnight on Sept. 4.

The black rolling conveyor belt poses as the perfect medium to recreate the scrolling text of the timeless franchise’s iconic opening – “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…”

MessageWrap, the company behind the moving billboard, created more than a thousand conveyor belt wraps to go live in Target stores nationwide. Fans, new and old, will be left wanting more after reading the invite, which teases an exclusive, midnight madness-style event when new Star Wars products will be available.

As a relatively new technology, MessageWrap is enjoying its exposure with major retailer Target and a major movie release with a fan base like no other. With no competitive products in existence, MessageWrap’s patented solution stands alone as the most effective communication tool the high-traffic checkout area has to offer. But even more impressive is the wrap's clean surface.

Numerous studies show that checkstand conveyor belts are one of the most contaminated surfaces in the supermarket environment, due to constant contact with fresh foods, poultry juices and shoppers. MessageWrap conveyor belt covers have an antibacterial coating, fighting bacteria and making the surface more hygienic – all while providing an opportunity for full color advertising messages in the highest traffic area of the store.

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