Target Adds ‘Cool’ New Energy Conservation Measure

As part of its commitment to manage its environmental impacts and save energy, Minneapolis-based Target Corp. is installing a high-performance light-emitting diode (LED) solution from GE Lighting Solutions, a unit of GE Lighting, in refrigerated display cases at 500 stores nationwide. Putting more energy-efficient lighting in reach-in freezer and cooler door cases will cut energy use by about 60 percent compared with older fluorescent systems.

“Target strives to be a responsible steward of the environment,” said Target VP Tony Heredia. “We continue to find ways we can increase energy efficiency and pilot new technologies. Efforts like these, which help reduce one of our largest operating expenses, also curtail our impact on the environment.”

Minneapolis-based Target converted 150 stores in 2009 and plans to convert an additional 350 stores in 2010. The GE LED systems will be used in new and remodeled stores going forward.

“Through this conversion to reliable GE-quality LED systems and through additional initiatives that we’re helping to execute, Target is making great strides both operationally and environmentally,” said Michael Petras, president and CEO of Cleveland, Ohio-based GE Lighting. “Their determination is commendable.”

Fluorescent lamps in reach-in refrigerated display cases at Target are giving way to more efficient, longer-life Immersion RV30 LED Display Lighting, a GE ecomaginationSM solution. The LED system operates at 29 watts per door, compared with an average of 73 watts with the existing fluorescent lamps, and will be installed in over 55,000 doors.

The retailer’s goal is to achieve a 60 percent reduction in display-case energy usage from 26.6 million kilowatt hours annually to 10.7 million kilowatt hours annually. Target will see additional savings due to the integration of motion-activated occupancy sensors for the majority of the display cases. The reduction in energy use helps Target to reduce its indirect emissions of greenhouse gases.

GE has overseen more than 80 customer installations to date of its LED Refrigerated Display Lighting solutions worldwide. Forty of the top 50 U.S. grocers/supermarkets are using the solutions, as well as 19 of the top 25 convenience store chains. Globally, GE has sold more than 700,000 LED refrigerated display case lights since inventing the category in 2006.

Target operates 1,744 stores nationwide, as well as a fully integrated online business and a credit card segment that offers branded proprietary and Visa credit card products.
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