Swiss Retailer Migros Installs LED Display Lighting to Save Energy, Cut Costs

ZURICH, Switzerland - Swiss retail chain Migros last week completed the installation of LED lighting to help better light its products, reduce spoilage, and reduce energy consumption in two of its Zurich stores.

The LED system, developed by Cork, Ireland-based NuaLight Ltd., was designed to work as a retrofit solution to existing multi-deck refrigerated and reach-in glass door freezer cases. According to Nualight, it generates no ultraviolet or infrared radiation, both of which contribute to the rate of degradation of fresh produce in display cases.

Other design features of the lighting system include a warm lighting color temperature of 3500*K and low power consumption per shelf. In addition, replacing fluorescent tubes in display cases with LED lighting halves the energy bill.

"Migros is committed to introducing environmentally-friendly innovations when they benefit our customers and improve our business," said Migros head of store design Vladimir Aguilar. "This NuaLight technology offers Migros an opportunity to reduce its energy running costs while improving the lighting levels and shopping environment to enhance the shopping experience. This lighting system will have a very beneficial impact on the shelf life of the produce displayed in these cases and will reduce spoilage".

LED lighting technology is quickly gaining popularity among retailers for its energy efficiency. Last week Wal-Mart inked a deal with GELcors, a GE Consumer & Industrial company, to install LED lighting systems in refrigerated display cases of 500 stores.

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