A Sweet Treat Worth Singing For?

Mikawaya, maker of Mochi Ice Cream, has rolled out a viral video song contest on its website, www.mochiicecream.com, and its Facebook fan page inviting fans to post homemade Mochi Ice Cream videos in which they sing the praises of the product.

Visitors can vote for their favorite clips, with a Mikawaya Mochi-engraved 8GB Apple iTouch going to the most popular entry. The contest’s aim is to boost online fan interaction online and raise awareness of the product in an entertaining way, according to the company.

“This is a wonderful way for Mochi lovers to interact and be rewarded for their creativity and love of our product,” said Frances Hashimoto, president of Los Angeles-based Mikawaya, a 100-year-old family business that specializes in fine Japanese pastries and desserts. Mochi Ice Cream combines the frozen delicacy with a chewy, marshmallow-type dough.

The contest runs through June 10, and the grand-prize winner of the Apple iTouch, along with five first-place winners of branded T-shirt and sticker sets, will be revealed on June 14.

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