A Sustainable Display System

The Lama is a new, customizable, instantly foldable, sustainable and portable display system from Seattle-based Trumari, according to the company’s president, Wayne Millage.

Produced sustainably through patented structural technology, Lama displays are made of 100 percent recyclable materials that are compact and lightweight enough that most can be shipped in a container roughly the size of an extra-large pizza box, Millage points out.

The portable displays also deploy with little or no assembly required: Users take the Lama out of the box, hold the top, and unfold it with the display springing into place and standing upright.

The Lama, Millage says, is available in hundreds of shapes, sizes and combinations, and is highly customizable. He adds that up to 50 percent of all displays ordered are never used, but that customers report that up to 90 percent of Lama displays are correctly deployed.

“Since between 70 percent to 80 percent of all retail purchase decisions are made in-store,” he concludes, “having a display that is twice as likely to be set up is a critical element in supporting brands.”

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