Supporting Shoppers in the Moment: Study

Mobile applications are increasingly acting as the bridge between a retailer's online and in-store experience.

The newest Brick Meets Click paper takes a close look at a mobile app that has functions a consumert can tap into while at home and in the store. It combines mapping and indoor location technology with purchase history and intent. The idea is to support the shopper in the moment with a spatially aware engagement engine that understands both what they are interested in and where they are inside the store. It can even direct the shopper to the exact location of a product on the shelf.

At home, the app helps the shopper prepare shopping lists, based on past shopping history, and can let them choose either a generic product category, or drill down to the brands offered by the participating grocer.

The paper explores the system from three points of view, the shopper's, the retailer's and the supplier's, and outlines the benefits for each.

Click here to download a free copy.


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