Support Group

To help ladies look and feel their best, Braza Corp., a Lee, Mass.-based manufacturer of women’s fashion solutions and problem-solving accessories, offers a line of fashion fixers called Supportables. The line consists of thin, pliable, hypoallergenic four-position Bra Extenders which contain no metal parts and add up to three inches to a bra’s back band; petal-shaped Wipe Out pads, which quickly and easily remove deodorant from even the most delicate garments, as well as pet hair, lint, dandruff and food particles; Flash Tape, which holds clothing in place, closes unwanted gaps in blouses, repairs hems, holds up socks and halters, prevents ‘shifts’ in deep plunge tops, among other uses; and Disposable Petal Tops, whose knitted material helps maintain modesty in even the gauziest summer dresses and tops. Each item retails for under $4.99. Additional information is available at
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