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Supply Chain Solution Boosts Retailer's Category Efficiency

A large regional retailer increased sales by 7 percent and reduced product returns across its commercial bread category by 20 percent through better visibility of store/SKU consumer demand, and by using point-of-sale data to improve store orders and delivery cycles. This, according to Park City Group, a provider of consumer goods supply chain technology, whose retailer partner chose to remain anonymous.

“When this retailer gained visibility to the entire category, its suspicions about lackluster category performance was confirmed,” said Randall Fields, CEO of Park City Group. “Once the analysis was conducted, space-to-sales planograms were developed and vendor performance was score-carded which lead to sales increases of 7 percent and returns reduction of 20 percent. With this category showing consistent improvement, this retailer is now moving onto another category and expects to see similar results.”

Park City Group’s Visibility solution was developed to provide shelf performance insight and directive action using analytics based on daily supply chain movement, including point-of-sale data, deliveries and returns, and inventory counts. Analysis results identify out-of-stocks, which items are losing sales, and how to resolve out-of-stocks and overstocks.

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