Supervalu Vet John Hooley to Retire in April

MINNEAPOLIS - After 33 years, John Hooley, e.v.p. and president of Supervalu's Retail East division, plans to retire from Supervalu here later this spring, the company said today.

The well-respected Hooley, who has held multiple leadership roles across the company's retail operations over the years, will retire at the end of April, at which point Mike Jackson, Supervalu's president and c.o.o. will assume leadership of the company's Retail East operations.

Hooley was a key factor in Supervalu's evolution from primarily a wholesaler to increasingly a retailer as well. Jeff Noddle, Supervalu's chairman and c.e.o., said Hooley's many contributions included "building our company's expertise in retail."

Hooley's came from the family that founded Cub Foods in 1968. He joined the business in 1974, and held a number of leadership roles following Supervalu's acquisition of Cub in 1980. He later moved on to a variety of leadership positions at parent Supervalu, including key retail positions. Hooley most recently was named e.v.p. and president of Supervalu's Retail East operations, following the completion of the company's merger with Albertsons in 2006.

He is well-known in the industry for his retail expertise. In 1997, the Minnesota Grocers Association honored Hooley as the Minnesota Outstanding Grocer of the year.

"My career at Supervalu has been extremely rewarding, and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work with Jeff Noddle and our leadership team, which consists of some of the finest grocery professionals in the industry," said Hooley in a statement. "I had always promised myself that I would try something new once I reached this stage of my life, and I am excited about the challenges that await me."

Meanwhile, in his expanded role, Mike Jackson will have responsibility for all Retail East operations, including Shaw's, Acme, Shoppers and Farm Fresh. Jackson will continue to serve as president and c.o.o., with responsibility for Six Sigma, the Save-A-Lot extreme-value format and the Enterprise Office.

The bigg's and Scott's banners, which were previously part of Retail East, will become part of Retail Midwest under the leadership of Kevin Tripp, e.v.p./president of Retail Midwest.

Janel Haugarth, Supervalu's e.v.p./president and c.o.o./supply chain services, who previously reported to Jackson, will now report directly to Jeff Noddle, and will be responsible for all supply chain activities, including Total Logistic Control (TLC), the company's third-party logistics offering.
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