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Supermarkets: A Trove of Convenient, Healthful Holiday Gifts


If your shoppers are like most people this time of year, they have too much to do in too little time — and that includes holiday shopping.

But they can save time and trim stress by visiting your aisles for convenient, healthful and delicious food gifts. Suggest themes they can customize to their budget (the bulk section offers thrifty options for many items) and the recipient’s taste. Remind them to pick up gift bags, bows and holiday baskets to present their gifts with flair.

Share the idea starters below to make your shoppers’ spirits bright — and to receive an extra-cheerful basket ring for your retailer.

  • Winter breakfast basics. Whole-grain hot cereals, dried fruit, cinnamon, shelf-stable nut or seed milk, and a colorful variety of citrus fruits.
  • A hot cuppa antioxidants. A collection of flavored coffees and teas, along with a mug or two.
  • The Italian pantry. Whole-grain pasta, gourmet jarred sauce, tubes of pesto, garlic and anchovy paste, olive oil-packed tuna and sardines, caponata, (canned or bottled eggplant relish), capers and biscotti.
  • The soup starter. Dried beans and lentils, reduced-sodium broths, tiny whole-grain pasta shells, whole-grain crackers and the recipe for a favorite soup.
  • An Asian experience. Shelf-stable tofu, miso, dried mushrooms and chili peppers, five-spice powder, sesame and peanut oils, brown jasmine rice and chopsticks.
  • Flour power for a favorite baker. A variety of on-trend flours such as coconut, oat, almond, hazelnut, spelt and ancient-grain blends, along with yeast packets, a bread or muffin pan and an oven timer.
  • Upscale oils and vinegars. Walnut, sesame and avocado oils, flavor-infused olive oil, and balsamic, champagne and sherry vinegars.
  • A chocolate flight. A selection of dark chocolate bars with varying percentages of cocoa, different ingredients like fruits or nuts, and different flavorings like mint or orange.
  • For the novice cook. A variety of basic kitchen gadgets. Pack with a cookbook, apron and oven mitts.
  • For the fitness buff. An assortment of their favorite power bars and beverages, along with a magazine about their sport of choice.
  • Holiday spirits. Wine, craft beer or liquors. Need we say more?
  • Super-quick picks. Flowers, a holiday plant, a fresh fruit basket or dried fruit tray.
  • The gift card. Today’s huge selection offers something for everyone. A true lifesaver for last-minute emergency shopping.
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