Sunkist Growers Launching POP Mobile Campaigns

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Sunkist Growers Launching POP Mobile Campaigns


Sunkist Growers, one of the world’s largest fresh fruit providers, has chosen Hipcricket to power point-of-purchase mobile marketing campaigns in a bid to build stronger engagement and brand affinity with consumers. The QR code- and messaging-based campaigns leverage the Hipcricket technology platform to provide a strong mobile foundation for Sunkist’s continuing retail marketing programs.

Sherman Oaks, Calif.-based Sunkist is using the self-service AD LIFE platform to manage the critical initial point of engagement with consumers. AD LIFE provides the company with a suite of tools and services to reach consumers on all types of mobile devices. Via QR codes and SMS, shoppers can access product information across the brand’s multiple mobile websites, enter contests and opt in to receive ongoing communications such as recipes and special offers. Once they opt in, the consumers are included in a database that Sunkist can use for future re-marketing purposes.

AD LIFE additionally includes comprehensive analytics to provide granular measurement of campaign results in real time, thus enabling Sunkist to make “on-the-fly” changes to ensure optimal campaign performance. The platform offers easy-to-implement connections to legacy marketing software systems, so Sunkist can extend its marketing initiatives to consumers’ mobile devices.

“Historically, our direct engagement with consumers has been intermittent -- it started and ended at the point of purchase, and did not resume until the next time they came to the store,” admitted Sunkist director of retail marketing Julie DeWolf. “Now, the AD LIFE platform from Hipcricket enables us to have real, ongoing conversations with consumers that start in the grocery store and continue between purchases on the mobile devices they always have within easy reach.”

“Our AD LIFE platform powers the foundational programs that begin the conversation, reaching consumers on their mobile devices starting right at the point of sale,” added Doug Stovall, SVP of Seattle-based Hipcricket, a wholly owned subsidiary of Augme Technologies Inc. “It is particularly gratifying to see major brands like Sunkist embrace the one-to-one capabilities of mobile marketing.”

Sunkist plans to expand its mobile marketing initiatives in the next year with additional mobile advertising and post-click engagement programs, among them mobile couponing, loyalty programs and location-based services.