Subway, Oreo Most Buzzed About Cookie Brands

An analysis of 27 billion social media conversations over the course of a one-year period reveals that Oreo cookies generate the most buzz among both male and female consumers, while Subway cookies emerge as the most loved cookie brand.

According to the latest installment of “What Women Want” - a study conducted by Mountain View, Calif.-based NetBase Solutions Inc. - while men and women have disagreed on many topics throughout the study’s series, this week’s Brand Passion Index (BMI) analysis reveals that both genders agree when it comes to confections.

Oreos generated the largest share of buzz for both genders, with 64 percent of women’s conversations and 69 percent of men’s overall cookie conversations. Oreo’s Net Sentiment and Passion Intensity metrics scored on the low end, placing the cookie brand in the center of the BPI charts. The analysis reveals that women love topping Oreos with peanut butter, while men crave them as a late night snack.

Subway cookies emerged as the dominant cookie brand for both genders, showing a Passion Intensity of 100 and a Net Sentiment of 84 from females, prompting posts and tweets about the addictive nature of the white chocolate macadamia and chocolate chip cookies in particular. Subway received a Passion Intensity of 91 and a Net Sentiment of 80 from men who raved about the freshness of the chocolate and peanut butter cookies.

The social media conversations about cookie brands were as follows:


  • Social Media Mentions – Subway, 12,033; Oreos, 302,036
  • Most Buzzed - Oreos with 64 percent of the conversation about cookies, 88 percent positive
  • Most Loved - Subway with 3 percent cookie conversations, 94 percent positive

















  • Social Media Mentions – Subway, 10,585; Oreos, 226,556
  • Most Buzzed - Oreos with 69 percent of the conversation about cookies, 85 percent positive
  • Most Loved - Subway with 3 percent cookie conversations, 93 percent positive
















The study analyzed additional brands such as Girl Scout cookies, Keebler, Pillsbury, Chips Ahoy, Thin Mints, Starbucks, Double Stuf Oreos, Otis Spunkmeyer, and Famous Amos.

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