In-store Banks Have Become Robbery Target

CHICAGO - An increasing number of bank robberies are taking place in supermarkets in Chicago and other U.S. cities, The Chicago Tribune reports.

The most recent crime happened last Wednesday in North Side Chicago, as a man entered a Jewel store, went up to a teller at the TCF Bank counter near the store entrance, and handed him a note indicating he was armed. The robber fled with an undisclosed amount of cash while frightened store and bank employees were left to call police and lock down the store.

Only 10 percent of area bank branches are in supermarkets, but they were the targets in nearly a third of the 153 bank robberies last year, statistics show.

Last week's robbery at Jewel was the 38th bank heist this year in the six-county Chicago area, according to the FBI. It came on the heels of a stickup six days earlier at a TCF Bank branch in a Jewel at 3128 W. 103rd St.
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