Stop & Shop to Get Integrated In-store Solutions

QUINCY, MASS. -- Five Stop & Shop stores will receive combined technology from InStore Broadcasting Network (IBN) and Cuesol, which have joined forces to integrate and coordinate in-store audio-video channels with interactive solutions, including on-cart devices, to deliver synchronized, informative content to shoppers, IBN chairman, president, and c.e.o. Rob Brazell told Progressive Grocer, characterizing the result as "the ultimate shopping experience."

Brazell said the integration of the solutions has "never been done before," and added that his company planned to announce "three or four similar pilots" at other retailers this year. The Stop & Shop installation, which will begin next month, will take an expected three or four months to complete, he said.
The partnership between Cuesol and IBN ties in Cuesol's range of interactive retail shopping solutions with IBN's PerfectMedia platform. IBN will provide media sales and content services to the combined platform as a way to carry on a one-to-one dialogue with consumers through a number of touchpoints throughout the store.

Stop & Shop, in collaboration with Cuesol, pioneered the development of the 'Shopping Buddy', an interactive, on-cart device that permits customers to scan their own purchases, as well as providing several value-added shopper services. Cuesol will roll out its next-generation on-cart solution, as part of the wider in-store communications platform, in Stop & Shop this year.

"Our goal with the Shopping Buddy technology is to deliver the best customer shopping experience," said Stop & Shop s.v.p. of marketing, Stephen Vowles in a statement. "We have invested deeply in understanding our customer's unique needs, and we integrated in-store system will allow us to better communicate with our shoppers while we provide them improved convenience and other shopping benefits."

Stop & Shop operates more than 550 stores throughout the northeast United States.
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