Stop & Shop, EnerNOC Join to Conserve Energy

QUINCY, Mass. -- Stop & Shop Supermarket Co. here and Boston-based EnerNOC, Inc., a developer and provider of clean and intelligent energy solutions to commercial, institutional, and industrial customers, as well as electric power grid operators and utilities, said yesterday they had formed an ongoing partnership for demand response, an energy conservation program that reduces stress on the electric power grid during periods of high peak demand.

Northeast retailer Stop & Shop has taken part in such programs since 2005, thereby helping to prevent blackouts and brownouts from happening in the region. About 300 Stop & Shop stores in New England and New York are participating by agreeing to lower stress on the grid during demand response events.

When the regional grid operator expected a brownout or blackout in 2005 and 2006, EnerNOC informed Stop & Shop of the potential threat and remotely reduced demand from the grid across all participating stores from its Network Operations Center in Boston. New England and New York Stop & Shop locations can reduce over 40 megawatts of electric consumption in aggregate from the grid.

"With the help of EnerNOC, we can turn down our lights so our customers don't have to," noted Stop & Shop s.v.p. of construction and engineering Steve Krupski in a statement. "Knowing when high electricity demand might trigger blackouts allows us to proactively conserve energy and help prevent one from occurring."

"When the grid operator calls upon EnerNOC during times of high electric demand, our Network Operations Center technology allows us to remotely monitor and control thousands of sites in real-time to help prevent blackouts," added EnerNOC c.e.o. Tim Healy. "Stop & Shop alone can contribute enough negawatts -- energy that is conserved rather than consumed -- to keep the lights on in more than 40,000 typical households."
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