Stonyfield’s Increases its Healthy Message

The company known for wearing its mission on its sleeve is now showcasing company culture on its cup.

Organic yogurt-maker Stonyfield Farm’s new packaging and redesigned Web site are about more than simply updating its look. Stonyfield president and CE-Yo Gary Hirshberg is sending a clear message.

“Thanks to the documentary ‘Food, Inc.,’ people are now asking more questions about what’s on their plate — where their food comes from, how it’s processed and whether it’s healthy for them, their families and the planet. Our new look helps answer those questions,” said Hirshberg.

“Our cups and Web site feature photographs of the organic dairy farms and cows that actually supply our milk. Consumers know just by picking up a cup or visiting the Web site that this is real food from real people. We believe the more people know about their food, the more informed choices they can make at the cash register.” also includes behind-the-scenes features that take this “real food” message even further. They include video diaries from dairy farmer Guy Choiniere, who uses a small camera to capture his daily routine, and a “Bovine Bugle” blog from fellow Vermonter and dairyman Jonathan Gates. Video portraits of farm families, as well as other organic enthusiasts like skier Bode Miller, can be found on the Web site via Stonyfield’s own video “channel,” called YoTube.

“Our Web site is the next best thing to tromping around in the fields and in the barns with the farmers and growers who supply our organic ingredients,” said Hirshberg. “You can learn firsthand why eating organic starts in the soil or why it keeps family farmers on their land. At Stonyfield, we really see the Web site as a window into the organic world — and the new cup on the shelf is the first step.”
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