Stew Leonard's Rolling Out Signature Premium Beef

NORWALK, Conn. -- Stew Leonard's here is introducing Stew Leonard's Steakhouse Premium Beef today, a signature line that it describes as steakhouse quality, coming from cattle raised on family-owned ranches in the Flint Hills of Kansas.

The retailer said it is holding sampling events featuring the beef at all three of its stores on Friday, Aug. 25; Saturday, Aug. 26; and Sunday, Aug. 27, between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.

"What sets Stew Leonard's Steakhouse Premium Beef apart is not only in the degree of marbling throughout the meat, which gives it that juicy flavor, but also in the thickness of the cut, which retains the juices during cooking and ensures that the meat is always extra tender," said Stew Leonard Jr., President and CEO of Stew Leonard's, in a statement. "I've tasted a lot of steaks in my 37 years in the food business, and I prefer our new Steakhouse Premium Beef over everything else."

Every steak is custom-cut by one of Stew Leonard's in-store butchers, who recommend a thickness of 1.5 to two inches. The beef is available in seven cuts: porterhouse, rib eye, Kansas City strip, filet mignon, boneless sirloin, top round London broil, and flank steak. Normally retailing for $14.99 a pound, the porterhouse will be available for a specially priced $6.99 a pound from Aug. 23 through Aug. 29. The highest price is the $19.99 per pound for the filet mignon.

During the introductory promotional period, all Steakhouse Premium Beef items will be available in a gift box with postcard images of the Division Ranch in the Flint Hills of Kansas, from which the beef hails. Also, a print advertising campaign will accompany the launch, with the tag line: "If you love a thick, juicy steakhouse steak, It's gotta be Stew's."
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