Sprouts’ New Calif. Store Earns GreenChill Silver

Sprouts Farmers Market’s new store, which opened March 31 in Carmel Mountain Ranch, Calif., has garnered a silver silver-level award from the Environmental Protection Agency’s GreenChill partnership, which works with supermarkets to reduce emissions of refrigerants that damage the earth’s protective ozone layerand contribute to climate change.

“Sprouts Farmers Market shares the EPA’s commitment in decreasing refrigerant emissions through innovative refrigeration design and leak-tight practices in all existing and future stores,” said Jerry Stutler, VP of construction and facility engineering for the Phoenix-based grocer.

To achieve silver certification, a store must meet stringent environmental criteria, including the following:

—Using refrigerants that don’t damage the Earth’s protective ozone layer
—Reducing the size of its refrigerant charge by at least 50 percent from the industry average
—Reducing annual refrigerant emissions to 15 percent or less of total store capacity
—Testing refrigeration systems for adherence to GreenChill’s leak-tightness guidelines

Earlier this year, a Sprouts store in Round Rock, Texas, received a gold GreenChill certificate. Both Sprouts certificates were achieved with help from Bolingbrook, Ill.-based Hussmann Refrigeration Equipment and Systems, Stutler noted.

By meeting or exceeding GreenChill criteria, Sprouts is helping to prevent deterioration of the Earth’s protective ozone layer and is combating climate change, according to Washington-based EPA.

Sprouts, which operates 47 stores in four states, joined the GreenChill partnership last May.
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