Sprouts Launches 'Bring Your Own Bag' Program

In its continuing effort to help the environment, Sprouts Farmers Market yesterday launched a "Bring Your Own Bag" (BYOB) program.

Customers will receive 5 cents off their total bill for each plastic grocery bag reused in a single transaction. For shoppers bringing 12 reused bags per each once-a-week grocery trip, this translates to 31 dollars a year, said Sprouts. In addition, Phoenix-based Sprouts continues its sale of the "Sprouts Green" canvas bag, which is available in all Sprouts stores for 99 cents. More than 181,000 have sold since the program began in mid-2007.

The grocer also has bins at each location to recycle additional plastic bags. "Sprouts is committed to do our part for the environment by reducing the number of plastic bags used in our stores," said c.o.o. and s.v.p. Doug Sanders. "We are always looking for ways to partner with our customers to help the environment, and would like to reward those who recycle their plastic bags and contribute to a positive ecological impact."
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