Sprouts Expands Food Waste Reduction Program

In partnership with Quest Resource Holding Corp., natural and organic grocer Sprouts Farmers Market is expanding its food waste diversion services, bringing a comprehensive organics-recycling program to all of its California stores, ahead of new mandatory commercial organics recycling regulations. Currently, 125 Sprouts stores recycle food waste that can't be donated.

The program reduces food waste by diverting produce, dairy, bakery, bulk, deli and juice bar products that can't be sold or donated. It converts the waste into nutritional animal feed additives or compost, helping to prevent greenhouse gas emissions and reduce landfill waste. Quest has developed custom online and in-store training to help educate and engage store associates to ensure the program is successful.

California Assembly Bill 1826 requires businesses that generate organic waste to implement organic waste-recycling programs in phases, depending on the amount of waste generated per week. Since Sprouts generates four cubic yards of organic waste per week at its California stores, Quest is helping the retailer stay ahead of the regulation requiring the retailer to recycle food waste by Jan. 1, 2017.

"Responsible retailing is part of Sprouts' DNA, and we are proud of what we've achieved in the past two years working with Quest," said Carlos Rojas, senior counsel for the Phoenix-based retailer, which employs more than 22,000 associates in more than 230 stores across 13 states. "Our organics-recycling program not only benefits the environment, but improves store operations by minimizing waste. We also are pleased to be well ahead of the CalRecycle regulations compliance date."

Additionally, Colony, Texas-based Quest manages municipal solid waste and recycling programs at all Sprouts stores.


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