Sprite to Unveil New Look, Ad Campaign

ATLANTA -- Focusing on Sprite's "Lymon" taste, Coca-Cola North America is unveiling a new advertising campaign, as well as the brand's first packaging update since the early '90s.

Beginning this summer, Sprite's relaunch will be fueled by the Sprite "SubLYMONal" advertising campaign, which features commercials that are actually the opposite of subliminal advertising. Each spot begins with a voiceover that says, "Welcome to 'SubLYMONal' advertising. For best results, do not blink."

"SubLYMONal is a totally integrated marketing message that focuses on Lymon, Sprite's proprietary lemon-lime flavor formula, which makes Sprite among the world's most thirst-quenching soft drinks," said Don King, group director, Sprite, Coca-Cola North America. "As a brand that focuses on young people, Sprite deserves arresting advertising that cuts through the monotony of ordinary commercials, and this multi-faceted campaign does just that. Because our new 'SubLYMONal' campaign overtly parodies the concept of subliminal advertising and acknowledges up front that the commercials contain hidden content, we are sure that people will want to interact with this advertising."

People will be able to find special codes embedded in the commercials that can be entered at the brand's new Web site, http://www.SubLYMONal.com, to unlock exclusive content. The site allows people to actually interact with the advertising and provides different ways for them to create their own "SubLYMONal" experiences.

In addition to the "SubLYMONal" campaign, Sprite's packaging graphics have been completely redesigned. The new packaging design features the familiar silver, green, and blue colors as well as the Sprite brand name and bubbles. The updated imagery is enhanced by the inclusion of a new "S" brand icon that will be featured on all packaging and marketing elements.
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