In the Spotlight: New Kettle Brand Varieties

Inspired by the popular Asian sauces that have become America’s go-to condiments, Kettle Brand has launched Sriracha and Krinkle Cut Sweet Chili Garlic potato chips. Both new additions aim to authentically replicate the bold, complex flavors of their condiment counterparts, offering the sweet heat consumers crave. Sriracha chips carry a bold chili-garlic-vinegar flavor, while Sweet Chili Garlic offers a blend of layered flavors delivering pungent garlic and an enduring sweetness. Like all Kettle Brand offerings, Sriracha and Krinkle Cut Sweet Chili Garlic chips are made with natural ingredients and without artificial flavors or preservatives. Both varieties are available in 5- and 8.5-ounce bags nationwide in select retailers for an SRP of $2.69-$3.49.

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