Spartan to Leverage Loyalty Management Solution

Grocery wholesaler and retailer Spartan Stores has tapped loyalty analytics solutions provider Aimia to further develop its customer centric approach to retail.

By harnessing data collected from Spartan’s ‘yes Rewards’ cardholders through the Aimia Self-Serve platform, Spartan plans to provide customers with a more relevant and personalized shopping experience across its network of stores.

“We have an engaged customer base and are determined to provide them with the best possible shopping experience,” said Larry Pierce, VP of center store merchandising at Spartan Stores. “We’re confident that our in-depth relationship with Aimia will help make that possible. Aimia has a first-rate track record in data analytics and has transformed businesses across the globe with their approach to consumer insight and targeted communications.”

Spartan plans to work with its wide supplier base, using the detailed insights into customer purchasing habits and behavior from Aimia to improve ROI and build a stronger, more committed partner network.

Aimia’s approach allows consumers to receive information and offers that are more relevant and valuable to them, while businesses can learn more about their best customers, develop long-term customer and supplier loyalty, deploy a more effective and efficient marketing spend, and ultimately make better business decisions by building customer loyalty.

“Our businesses share a mutual understanding of the power of customer centric retailing and it’s clear that Spartan is already very sophisticated in its development and approach,” said David Buckingham, U.S. president of Aimia’s Intelligent Shopper Solutions (ISS) team. “Working together, we believe that we can achieve Spartan’s ambitious goals, transforming their business by harnessing the power of customer insight and by placing the customer at the heart of everything they do.”

Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Spartan Stores distributes more than 40,000 private and national brand products to approximately 390 independent grocery locations in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio, and to its 101 corporate-owned stores located in Michigan, including Family Fare Supermarkets, Glen's Markets, D&W Fresh Markets, VG's Food and Pharmacy, and Valu Land.

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