Spartan Introduces Shopper Marketing System

Michigan-based Spartan Stores has launched the Incentive Targeting shopper promotion system in two of its store chains.

“Our shoppers have embraced our Yes Rewards program as an exciting and important part of shopping in two of Spartan’s retail supermarket chains, Glen’s Markets and VG’s Food and Pharmacy, since its launch last year,” said Alan Hartline, Spartan Stores executive VP of merchandising and marketing. “Incentive Targeting has been a critical ingredient of this success, enabling our company and our brand partners to engage our shoppers with more relevant, high-value personalized offers.”

Incentive Targeting’s unique retail shopper marketing platform purports to deliver unprecedented capabilities at a fraction of the cost of other marketing technologies: intuitive, Web-based application enabling real-time segmentation of shoppers based on their buying preferences while protecting shopper privacy; simple campaign management allowing marketing managers to create promotions in minutes, instead of weeks or months; and powerful analytics capabilities making it easy to analyze sales and shopper data and monitor and measure promotion results and ROI daily.

The system allows retail chains to collaborate with brands by sharing anonymous customer-centric sales data, enabling cost-effective brand participation in shopper marketing while improving category cooperation; and drive profitability with private labels and broaden baskets to include high-margin departments, without any software to install or capital expenditures, with a minimal impact on IT resources.

It also allows instant access to up-to-date sales and shopper data across all chains in the network down to the per-store, per-SKU level. Targeted offers eliminate wasted promotion dollars.

“We are extremely pleased that Spartan Stores has joined our retail network,” said Win Burke, Incentive Targeting president and CEO. “Through the use of the Incentive Targeting platform, Spartan has increased its focus on the shopper, and enabled its vendor partners to do the same.”

Cambridge, Mass.-based Incentive Targeting provides a self-service Web-based application to create, manage and measure behaviorally targeted promotions across a growing network of grocery retailers.

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