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Social Media Users Want Retailers to Connect

SAN DIEGO — The number of users with social media profiles continues to grow, and retailers can significantly influence where these users spend their money, according to a new report from Interactions, a firm that provides retail services and experimental marketing for retailers and brands.

In fact, most shoppers want retailers to connect with them through social media. Interactions’ latest Retail Perceptions report, “Social Media: Invest to Impress?” found that more than 75 percent of social media users expect retailers to have a social media presence, and 42 percent prefer to shop at retailers that connect with them through social media over retailers that do not.

“Even with the popularity of social media today, many retailers still wonder if connecting with shoppers on social media can translate into income. It may surprise these retailers to know that social media not only influences purchase behaviors, [but] social media can teach retailers ways to engage, attract and retain customers,” said Lance Eliot, vice president of information technology at Interactions. 

In the firm's research, 66 percent of social media users surveyed said they visited a store as a result of a social media post from a retailer. In addition, 58 percent of users said they have been introduced to new retailers through social media, with more than half of those users visiting three or more new retailers.

The research also showed that 65 percent of users follow their favorite retailers on social media, 43 percent have shared a retailer’s post, and 88 percent indicated that they want retailers to connect with them directly through social media.

To learn more about the “Social Media: Invest to Impress?” report, visit

Retail Perceptions, started by Interactions in 2014, are reports that explore shoppers’ insights on the trends affecting retailers and manufacturers.

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