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Snacks Battle it Out in Schnucks Market Madness

Schnucks Market Madness started on March 16 with 16 “teams” and will end with one champion on March 31, as national and Schnucks private brand favorites face off in the grocer’s inaugural tournament of snacks.

Schnucks Market Madness gets fans engaged in support of their favorite snacks," said Schnucks Director of Digital Marketing Greg Jackson. "We partnered with vendors to come up with tongue-in-cheek team names and designs that captured the essence of their brands. It’s a great way for our partners to generate excitement around their products."

Each afternoon, Schnucks Facebook fans vote with their comments on the day’s matchup, with the winner advancing to the next round. National brand participants include teams from Fruit Loops (Toucans), Doritos (3 Pointers) and Mountain Dew (Extreme). While Schnucks private brand entrants include Donuts (Blazin Glazin), Pizza (Slicers) and Fried Chicken (Fowlers). 

Fredbird, the St. Louis Cardinals’ mascot, kicked off the official bracket signing with a video that received more than 9,000 views in the first 24 hours. “This is the first time we’ve tried an interactive product game, and we are thrilled to offer our more than 100,000 Facebook fans a chance to play along," Jackson said.

Following the championship match on March 31, the winner will be crowned and customers will be awarded a “taste” of victory with a coupon from the winning product team.

Schnucks Market Madness is being cross-promoted on the company's website as well as Twitter and Instagram accounts. “With help from our teammates and customers, we hope to drive this program bigger and better next year," Jackson said.

Founded in St. Louis in 1939, Schnuck Markets Inc. operates 99 stores and 94 in-store pharmacies in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Iowa. 

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