A Smarter Choice Than Ever

Ronzoni Smart Taste pasta, which already contains three times the fiber of regular white pasta and the same amount of calcium as an eight-ounce glass of milk, is now an excellent source of vitamin D, which is crucial to building and sustaining healthy bones, according to the product line’s manufacturer, Harrisburg, Pa.-based New World Pasta Co., a wholly owned subsidiary of leading Spanish food group Ebro Puleva, S.A. What’s more, the new pasta contains a form of vitamin D that’s most effective in positively raising the nutrient levels in the bloodstream and maintaining them for a longer time. Additionally, Smart Taste, which has the look and taste of traditional white pasta, is lower in calories and fat than its conventional counterparts and has no sodium, preservatives or cholesterol. A 14.5-ounce box of Spaghetti, Thin Spaghetti, Penne Rigate, Rotini, Extra Wide Noodle, Angel Hair or Elbows retails for a suggested $1.69. For additional information, visit www.RonzoniSmartTaste.com.
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