Slip in Some Sliders

Grocers can keep their foodservice menus on trend with new Farmland Black Angus Sliders, those mini hamburgers with the big, satisfying taste. “Right-sized” at just two ounces apiece, the ground chuck patties can be paired with cheeses, bacon, sauces, veggies and more to add fun and flavor to a prepared foods lineup. The product comes already portioned, so operators use only what they need when they need it, thereby controlling portion costs and reducing labor and waste. Additionally, according to Kansas City, Mo.-based Farmland Foods, the “Black Angus” tag has great consumer appeal, since it denotes beef – 100 percent USDA Choice or better. Farmland Black Angus Sliders are available in 10-pound cases. Visit to learn more.

—Bridget Goldschmidt
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