Slash Case Energy Costs, But Keep Effective Merchandising

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Slash Case Energy Costs, But Keep Effective Merchandising


Hussmann EcoVision Doors for multi-deck medium temp cases have been enhanced to provide a balance of maximum energy reduction with optimal merchandising effectiveness.

"In the current economy, retailers are extremely interested in cutting costs to enhance profitability," said Terry Koerner, Hussmann product manager. "At the same time, they're in business to sell food and always want their merchandising to be as effective as possible. That's the motivation behind the on-going trend in North America to move to cases with glass doors, in both new installations and existing store upgrades."

Hussmann EcoVision Doors feature dual-pane glass and require no heat in the doors or frames. Their energy saving design reduces refrigeration energy use by up to 82 percent, compared to open dairy and deli cases, according to the company. Switching from fluorescent to LED lighting can provide additional energy savings.

EcoVision's French-door design, with no center mullion and ultra-thin door fame, was designed to provide easy shopper access and an outstanding view of products from every angle. The narrow 24-inch doors also help to preserve aisle space to improve peak traffic flow.

The EcoVision door has been updated with a hold-open design that allows the door to open, stay open, and close with little effort, allowing for full access to four feet of shelving for easy stocking and cleaning. The adjustment casting is also easier to mount and align, allowing the doors to swing and close easily with minimal adjustment. When the doors are closed, the new high-reliability wipers effectively minimize air penetration.

The EcoVision doors come in a variety of heights and are available on both new and existing cases. Other features include new gray and black color options with matching trim, handles, frames and mullions to fit with any decor. Microban antimicrobial door handles that reduce stain and odor causing bacteria for the life of the door handle are standard.

“Effective merchandising is important and so is energy savings," said Koerner. "In order to optimize performance, you need the right balance between the two. Hussmann has achieved that with EcoVision Doors."

Bridgeton, Mo.-based Hussmann manufactures refrigerated display merchandisers and refrigeration systems for food retail, including supermarkets, mass merchants, warehouse clubs, convenience stores, drug stores and foodservice establishments.