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Single Touch Buys DoubleVision Networks

Single Touch Systems, Inc., a Jersey, City, N.J.-based mobile media solutions provider servicing advertisers, retailers and brands, has acquired technology partner New York-based DoubleVision Networks, a privately held mobile audience buying and targeting platform.

DoubleVision Networks provides real-time bidding software aimed at dynamically assessing the open mobile advertising inventory across numerous supply side platforms to programmatically purchase the optimal advertising inventory, thereby driving a higher return on investment for its marketing clients. Single Touch has previously partnered with DoubleVision and utilized this technology for its “Followme” product.

“DoubleVision's platform was built leveraging deep expertise in financial markets and big data software environments, resulting in highly efficient programmatic trading capabilities and enabling it to deliver market-leading campaign performance at the lowest possible cost,” said James Orsini, president and CEO of Single Touch. “With these technological advantages, combined with experienced mobile strategy and campaign management personnel, DoubleVision consistently outperforms competitors on both a cost and performance basis, delivering a superior ROI for its customers.” 

According to Orsini, the accretive acquisition of DoubleVision will accelerate revenue growth of Single-Touch’s fastest-growing product, Followme, and will expand the company’s salesforce with the addition of mobile experts and engineering talent. “These are both definitive steps towards achieving our stated goals as we continue to work towards transforming the company into a leader in mobile media and advertising,” Orsini said.

“We started this business in order to participate in the enormous growth potential of the mobile ad tech space,” said Matt Wiggins, co-founder of DoubleVision Networks. “The opportunity to marry our core technology platform with Single Touch’s messaging product suite will bring our customers a holistic suite of mobile, cross-screen, and video advertising capabilities. This an exciting transaction for me and my shareholders as we believe this will help us accelerate our plans and make us more relevant immediately.”

Single Touch’s multi-channel messaging gateway was developed to enable marketers to reach consumers on all types of connected devices, with information designed to engages interest, drive transactions and strengthen relationships and loyalty.

DoubleVision was developed to maximize the performance of each campaign by intelligently weighting key metrics across all placements in mobile and tablet with its unique algorithms. 



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