SimonDelivers Reaches 2 Million Mark

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - SimonDelivers, a grocery delivery service operating in the upper Midwest, has delivered its 2 millionth order.

SimonDelivers has expanded its delivery network to include a broad geographical area from Hudson, Wis. to Rochester, Minn. For SimonDelivers' customers the definition of "household" has also expanded to include high-rise apartments, as well as a wide array of small-business needs including everything from accounting firms to assisted-living facilities.

"By surpassing the 2 millionth order mark, we have not only demonstrated that SimonDelivers is a permanent and growing part of the Twin Cities grocery community, but also established our business model as a benchmark for the home grocery delivery industry," said Christopher Brown, c.e.o. of SimonDelivers. "We are continuing to build on the innovation that is SimonDelivers by offering a consistent value equation: convenience and personal service, expanded variety of merchandise our customers desire, and delivering excellence and freshness in the perishable items our customers order every day, all at a great value."

SimonDelivers announced the delivery of its millionth grocery order in May 2002. Less than two years later it has added another million orders to its book of business. "Our customer loyalty is outstanding, and the focus of SimonDelivers is on the needs of the customer. By giving the customers what they want, with a focused value equation," Brown said, "SimonDelivers will continue to flourish and grow in this marketplace and beyond."

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