ShopWell App Delivers Rich Shopper Insights

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ShopWell App Delivers Rich Shopper Insights


YottaMark, Inc. has released the latest version of its ShopWell mobile applications that includes "ShopWell missions" that invite users to provide feedback on products they have scanned, in return for instant awards.

According to the vendor, ShopWell’s users care about finding food that meets their personal dietary and wellness goals, and the missions improve the communication between shoppers and the brands that value the opinions of specific customer segments.

“Over the last two years we experimented with collecting opinions about food from shoppers – and found not only extremely high interest from consumers, but also an incredibly rich source of valuable new data for brand owners,” said Elliott Grant, YottaMark’s founder and CTO. “With our launch of ShopWell Insights, a marketer can now determine which characteristics drive preference and repeat purchase among a very specific group of shoppers. Our team has worked really hard to make it ridiculously easy for brands listen to shoppers who care about the food they buy. Whether it’s a new strawberry variety or a higher fiber salty snack – shopper insights can make the difference between a profitable product and failure.”

The ShopWell app, which has over a million downloads, was developed to help users make smart decisions about the food they eat. At home or in the store, shoppers scan a food's barcode to get nutrition information and find out if the food is a good match for their personalized dietary profile.

ShopWell Insights market research gathers data about various aspects of the shopping or product experience, such as flavor, shelf life, packaging, customer satisfaction or what's driving repurchase, and can more easily understand how customers perceive their products.