ShopToCook Works with Hass Avocados from Mexico for Kiosk-based Recipes

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Hass Avocados from Mexico and ShopToCook Inc. based here have formed a cross-promotional partnership allowing retailers to offer customers free recipes via the company's interactive kiosks.

"We found that offering our customers special chef recipes - which they can actually shop for right there - has proven to be a tremendous added value," said Karen Peterson, spokeswoman for Bloom Supermarkets. "We found that the recipe program was very well received by our customers - and that is extremely important to us," Peterson noted.

The program will be rolled out with additional avocado recipes featured for Cinco de Mayo this May, the second biggest day for avocado consumption in the year.

"Our kiosks offer shoppers a one-on-one experience and help them deal with the pervasive anxiety about 'what shall I prepare, and how can I make it,'" said Jan Beurskens, founding partner of ShoptoCook Inc. "Since guacamole is the centerpiece for so many big game football events, it made perfect sense for us to partner with Hass Avocados from Mexico for chef recipes, photos and content support."

Shoppers can pick from a selection of themes and recipe ideas. The kiosks display the recipes, as well as images to help guide home cooks. Once a recipe has been selected, grocery customers can receive a printout of the recipe, which becomes shopping list - creating a smooth, seamless experience all the way from purchase to party.

Retailers across the country who are successfully using kiosks as a customer service will find Cinco de Mayo recipes developed by chefs using Hass Avocados from Mexico available to their shoppers for this festive celebration.

"Partnering with ShopToCook is an ideal fit with our overall marketing program, and enables us to further extend our message and reach customers through a unique and valuable medium," noted Chris Tully of the Preston Tully Group, agency of record for Hass Avocados from Mexico MHAIA (Mexican Hass Avocado Importer Association).

ShoptoCook Inc and Hass Avocados from Mexico have plans to continue the partnership with Cinco de Mayo, summer entertaining, and beyond. "We are even looking at other exciting forms of content from Hass Avocados from Mexico to incorporate into the ShoptoCook kiosk experience," Beurskens added.
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