ShopSavvy Shopping App Reaches 17.9 Million Downloads

Mobile shopping assistant product ShopSavvy added 1.9 million downloads and 1.3 million unique users in April, bringing total downloads to 17.9 million and unique users to 9.3 million.

The unique user total represents 13 percent of the approximately 70 million smartphone owners in the United States, according to Dallas-based ShopSavvy. The company began releasing monthly download and user totals last month. 

Downloads/installs are defined as the total number of times ShopSavvy has been downloaded from the app markets of Apple, Android, Amazon and Windows Phone 7, as well as from independent markets or directly from the APK application file. Unique users are defined as the number of people who have used the app and currently have it on their phones. 

Alexander Muse, CEO and co-founder of ShopSavvy, said that the growth in users has been accompanied by a disproportionately high increase in product pageviews -- the pages displayed whenever a user scans a product with ShopSavvy.

"Each time a product is scanned, the user is presented a product page where we can insert an AdOn -- a 'hyper-relevant' deal, promotion, warranty offer or other UPC/GPS-targeted advertisement," Muse said. "Our users are generating millions of these each month -- and we are pleased to report that product pageviews in the first quarter of 2011 were more than double those of the last quarter of 2010."

ShopSavvy also reported that its database includes more than 26,000 retailers and more than 1 million retail locations.

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