ShopSavvy, Grocery Server to Deliver Targeted Deals to Mobile Consumers

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ShopSavvy, Grocery Server to Deliver Targeted Deals to Mobile Consumers


Mobile shopping assistant ShopSavvy has teamed up with Grocery Server, a grocery deal comparison search engine, to deliver targeted grocery deals, coupons, and incentives to ShopSavvy¹s more than 11 million users.

The unique Grocery Server deals content will be incorporated into ShopSavvy in the coming weeks.

“ShopSavvy users are saving every day on consumer electronics, DVDs, books, video games, toys and other retail categories,” said John Boyd, co-founder VP of business development for ShopSavvy. “This partnership extends our leadership to the grocery category, where our shoppers are demanding better information on grocery products and new opportunities to save using the latest technology. This is only the beginning of what we have planned for grocery, which we think is a category poised for savings and opportunity over the coming five years.”

Once launched, ShopSavvy users who scan grocery items will not only be able to compare prices, but will also see current coupons and deals available on that item or similar items at nearby grocery stores, as they shop. According to ShopSavvy, U.S. consumers pass up more than $200 billion in grocery savings annually simply because they aren¹t aware of deals and coupons and don¹t have time to look for them, according to an analysis by Grocery Server.

“ShopSavvy has changed the way users shop and is the natural partner for Grocery Server to introduce its grocery deal finding technology to mobile consumers," said Corbin de Rubertis, co-founder and CEO of Grocery Server. "Grocery Server is able to lend our extensive database of local grocery deals, aggregating coupons and in-store specials at more than 200 chains nationwide, to help ShopSavvy expand its coverage of this category and provide users instant access to savings on the shopping trip they make most frequently - to the grocery store."

ShopSavvy provides users with prices, reviews and other information on millions of products from tens of thousands of retailers worldwide. Grocery is expected to be a major focus in the months and years ahead, as ShopSavvy adds product and inventory data from supermarkets, grocery stores, convenience stores and other food and beverage retailers.