ShopSavvy and Spotzot to Provide Targeted Deals to Mobile Consumers

Mobile shopping assistant ShopSavvy teamed up with mobile deal provider Spotzot to help merchants and brands connect with consumers by providing highly targeted deals.

ShopSavvy will deliver the deals, coupons, and sales information most relevant to its users, based on their location and demonstrated shopping interest. ShopSavvy users will receive the most relevant deals within 500 feet of their location.

“When consumers go shopping, most don’t think to open deal apps, which can be overwhelming and painful to navigate,” said Matt Weathers, VP of product for Dallas-based ShopSavvy. “Also, people don’t just wake up in the morning and say ‘Let’s find some deals.’ They shop for items they actually need and want. Along the way, they seek the best prices and deals. Consumers already use the ShopSavvy app to get price and review information. Now, with Spotzot’s data, we can serve them deals that relate to exactly where they are standing and what they want at that moment.”

ShopSavvy is a mobile shopping assistant with more than 20 million downloads and 11 million current unique users. It empowers smartphone users to quickly and seamlessly locate, research, and buy products at the point of sale. When users scan a barcode or input a product name, they discover where the item is sold locally and online, where it’s in stock and at what price. ShopSavvy aggregates product data, deals, ratings and reviews from retailers, partners and its own users to provide a comprehensive source of information and advice for mobile shoppers.

Spotzot is a mobile deal search platform that helps merchants and brands reach millions of consumers and drive them into retail stores and restaurants. It provides location-based, in-store promotions and coupons featuring richly tagged offers from the top 750 retail chain operators valid at more than 400,000 locations across the U.S.

ShopSavvy’s partnership with Spotzot provides users with a comprehensive catalog of in-store offers and coupons available at locations across the United States. Shoppers can spot deals before or while visiting more than 400,000 retail locations, including 1,000 major malls and outlets.

“ShopSavvy helps retail merchants and brands reach consumers while they shop in stores,” said Jim Schreitmueller, San Jose, Calif.-based Spotzot co-founder and VP of sales and marketing. “When consumers scan products on ShopSavvy, Spotzot's deal search engine reveals discount offers and coupons valid in the store where the consumer is shopping, in nearby stores and available from retailers’ online stores, ensuring consumers get what they want at the best available price.”

Spotzot is currently delivering deals to ShopSavvy's Android smartphone users, with the service expected to be deployed on iPhone next month.

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