Shoppers Still Interested in Latin-style Cooking

Shifting demographics, the trend toward home cooking and an emphasis on authenticity are the most important emerging ethnic cooking trends, according to Chef Ana Garcia, owner of La Villa Bonita Cooking School and Culinary Hotel in Tepoztlan, Mexico, and a participant in IMUSA USA, LLC’s chef program.

The Doral, Fla.-based company’s initiative is the first to showcase the best chefs from the realm of Latin cooking. IMUSA is the leading Hispanc housewares brand.

Latinos’ position as the largest minority group in the United States has an impact on what’s now available in stores, restaurants, and on dinner tables, notes Garcia, adding that such items as tortillas, salsa, sofrito and cilantro have become commonplace purchases even among non-Latinos. Home cooks are also incorporating the new flavors they encounter in establishments like tapas bars into their home cooking repertoires.

May is a particularly opportune time for grocers to promote Latin food items, with Mother’s Day (Hispanic cultures often stress reverence toward mothers) and Mexican holiday Cinco de Mayo both occurring during the month.
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