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Shaw's Selects Advanced Data Exchange to Electronically Connect Suppliers

NEWARK, Calif. - Advanced Data Exchange, provider of outsourced Internet EDI and XML translation services, on Monday announced that Shaw's Supermarkets has selected ADX to provide supply chain connectivity services to all of Shaw's and Star Market suppliers.

Shaw's will use ADX outsourced services to connect non-EDI enabled suppliers to the ADX Network, allowing suppliers to exchange EDI transactions without the costs or complexity of the purchase and installation of traditional EDI systems. Shaw's and its suppliers can now easily exchange business documents, including purchase orders and invoices, electronically via the ADX Network. With ADX, Shaw's leverages its existing EDI systems foundation to extend electronic trading partner relationships to even the smallest suppliers with the benefit being to reduce errors, achieve greater efficiency, cut costs, and increase profitability.

"Shaw's Supermarkets has been looking for a compelling solution to electronically connect to our mid-size and small suppliers," said Karen Leggett, Shaws's corporate data control manager. "The ADX service provides obvious value and efficiencies not only to Shaw's, but also to our suppliers for a minimal investment."
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