Sealed Air's Cryovac Honored With AMI Supplier of the Year

Sealed Air’s Cryovac Food Packaging division was awarded the American Meat Institute’s (AMI) Supplier of the Year during the 2012 AMI Meat, Poultry & Seafood Convention and Exposition in Dallas, Texas.

AMI bestows its Supplier of the Year Award to a member that demonstrates exceptional partner leadership with meat and poultry processors to help achieve industry goals. Under the leadership of president Karl Deily, Cryovac Food Packaging has been a strong supporter of the meat industry for many years, inclusive of its critical research initiatives and its executive team’s active participation on AMI’s supplier and executive committees.

Sealed Air’s Cryovac brand typically provides nearly 150,000 annual man hours of technical support to the industry as part of its standard business model. In addition, the Cryovac team also provides continuing education to the industry in packaging equipment maintenance. In 2009, Sealed Air opened its Packforum facility in Atlanta for its customer base and industry to share ideas, innovations and advancements.

The company continually helps the meat industry reduce the cost of doing business through material savings, labor reduction, inventory reduction, process improvement and cost avoidance. The company has also been extremely involved with the industry to help increase market position. Cryovac Food Packaging uses its broad portfolio of resources to aid in strategic marketing initiatives and even provides some equipment systems at no charge during program development. These cooperative initiatives have helped the meat industry evaluate new value added products with minimal risk in the marketplace.

In presenting the award, AMI chairman Larry Odom, president of Odom's Tennessee Pride Sausage, Inc. applauded the company’s diligence in sharing its knowledge with customers and ensuring its customers remain abreast to the trends beyond their walls.

“Sealed Air’s Cryovac brand’s long-standing relationship with the meat industry and its belief that it is part of the industry, not just a supplier to it, warrants the AMI Supplier of the Year Award,” Odom said.

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