Seafood Tops 2011 List of Best Products

Fish, organic seafood and all-natural ketchup were among the top new food products selected by consumers responding to a study by Better Homes and Gardens magazine and market research firm BrandSpark International.

The 42 winners of the third annual Best New Product Awards, which spotlights winning consumer products in the categories of health and beauty, food, and household care, were led by these overall category winners:

Best in Show and Best in Health and Beauty: Olay Professional Pro-X Intensive Firming Treatment
Best in Food: Morey’s Fish Creations
Best in Household Care: Febreze Destination Collection Air Freshener

“This survey affords us the ability to go one step further in understanding [consumers] and their current shopping and lifestyle trends, as well as identifying the new products that are enriching their lives,” said James Carr, Better Homes and Gardens senior VP and group publisher. “We expect these findings to continue to have big impact with consumer product brands, and will help them in directly reaching today's buying consumer.”

Robert Levy, BrandSpark president and awards founded, added: “With each passing year, we continue to dive deeper into the factors that motivate shoppers to behave the way they do. For example, healthy living is still an important concern for Americans, as is the value that consumers receive for their dollar. We see that this desire for healthy living translates into purchases of products that are good for consumer's families and themselves.”

In addition to the winning products, the study uncovers what's on the mind of the American shopper. Some highlights from this year’s survey:

- 77% of consumers still believe the economy is in a recession. Even so, the vast majority of Americans (73%) like trying new products.
- People are continuing to eat at home more than in the past, and as a result, are spending more time and money in the grocery store. 66% of Americans enjoy cooking for themselves and their families, unchanged from 2009.
- Although Americans expect to spend slightly more across most categories, they expect to cut back spending on fast food and special occasion meals.
- 84% of Americans believe “there is a lot I can do with food and nutrition to prevent illness.”
- Three out of four are trying to eat healthier snacks and are paying greater attention to food labels.
- Two out of three are becoming more concerned about food safety and chemicals in their food products.
- Organics continue to be an increasing, though still niche, market. Only one in three consumers believe that organic foods are more nutritious, and less than three in 10 are willing to pay more for organic food products.
- Availability and freshness are paramount for shoppers when choosing which store to shop at. Price, cleanliness and quality are second tier motivators.
- Packaging is still an important concern for consumers. 80% believe that manufacturers still have a long way to go to reduce the amount of packaging, up from 75% in 2009.
- 52% of Americans feel that it is important that a new product be better for the environment, a decrease from 63% as reported in 2008.
- 78% of Americans still feel that companies are exploiting environmentally friendly claims for marketing purposes.
- Almost six in 10 are consciously trying to buy foods that are local, an increase from 5 in 10 a year ago. Local foods benefit from perceptions of both reduced environmental impact and improved freshness.
- Seven in 10 shoppers continue to like trying new products and eight in 10 consumers would encourage a friend or family member to purchase a product that they like. Conversely, 6 in 10 are likely to purchase a product that is recommended by friends or family.

BrandSpark International is an independent market research and brand strategy firm with a strong grasp on North American consumer segmentation, innovation, new product research and consumer trends. Better Homes and Gardens serves and connects women who are passionate about their homes and the lives they create there.

For a complete list of the 42 winning products, visit A full list of winners will appear in the June issue of Better Homes and Gardens.

Winning products were selected as part of an extensive survey, conducted in November and December 2010, of more than 50,000 consumers about the food, household, and health and beauty products that resonate with them most.

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