Schnucks, Frieda’s to Hold Produce University Summer Session

Schnuck Markets, Inc. is inviting shoppers to take part a June 26 Frieda’s Produce University session on summer melons, including three specialty varieties.

Scheduled for all Schnucks and Logli locations in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Tennessee and Mississippi, the eight-hour, hands-on educational event will afford attendees the opportunity to sample the melons and ask produce managers questions about them.

Each Produce U. session kicks off with an in-depth produce manager-training seminar, before to the consumer event, to ensure the produce team’s familiarity with the featured items, which are spotlighted according to season and popularity. Additionally, Schnucks and Frieda’s create customized in-store signage, product fact sheets and takeaway consumer brochures. The program also employs local consumer media outreach to inform shoppers of the impending event.

The stars of the June 26 session will be three specialty U.S.-grown melon varieties — Hami Gold, Golden Kiss and Sugar Kiss — along with other summer melons and watermelons. A particular stand out is the Hami Gold, a gourmet Asian-style melon with a peachy-golden flesh that’s crisp, juicy and super-sweet.

“Our produce managers and shoppers have really responded to previous Produce University events, so we decided to host one on this season’s specialty melons,” noted Mike O’Brien, VP of produce at St. Louis-based Schnucks. “Nothing says summer like sweet, refreshing melon, and our produce teams are eager to share their knowledge and expertise about these fine varieties.”

“As more people cook at home, shoppers are seeking exciting new ingredients to spice up meals,” added Karen Caplan, president and CEO of Los Alamitos, Calif.-based Frieda’s, Inc., which has offered the program since 1989. “Produce University provides the information shoppers need to boldly go into their produce aisles and taste something new.”

Schnucks operates more than 100 stores in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Tennessee, and Mississippi.
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