Schnucks Adds Vision-Screening Kiosks to its Health Care Services

Schnucks Markets, Inc., a regional grocery and pharmacy retailer based in St. Louis, plans to install vision-screening kiosks at 30 of its stores.

The grocer is working with Atlanta-based SoloHealth, a provider of self-service health screening solutions, to deploy interactive EyeSite kiosks, which are free to use and are designed to provide consumers with a quick, accurate assessment of their near and distance vision. They also asses risk, provide relevant eye health information and encourage consumers to schedule a comprehensive eye exam with their eye care professional or select an eye doctor from a list of local providers.

“Schnucks has always been dedicated to bringing its shoppers solutions for the health and wellness of their families,” said Mike Jurgensmeyer, Schnucks VP of pharmacy and fuel. “Providing our customers with access to free vision screenings from SoloHealth’s EyeSite kiosks is big step in helping them take an active role in their overall health.”

The EyeSite kiosks are meant to be a complement to -- not a replacement for -- a regular eye exam. Consumers answer a series of lifestyle questions on a touchscreen and are presented with various-sized letters to determine near and distance acuity. They then receive a customized report of their results, which they can share directly with their eye care professional.

“Too often, people don’t realize that their vision may deteriorate so slowly that it may be imperceptible,” said Bart Foster, CEO of SoloHealth. “They may think they have 20/20 vision, but in reality, eye disease may be forming. In fact, of the 175,000 people tested in our home base of Atlanta, 25 percent had never had an eye exam despite, in many cases, having risk factors such as family history of eye disease.”

Family-owned Schnucks operates 106 stores (including five Logli stores) and 103 pharmacies in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Tennessee and Mississippi.
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