Save Mart Kicks Off Facebook Campaign to Save Local Pools

Save Mart Supermarkets is looking to help Sacramento to enjoy a cool dip in the City pools this summer with a Facebook campaign it launched to collect donations for their upkeep.

Since announcing its campaign on Feb. 14 to match up to $500,000 to pay for the maintenance and operations of City pools this summer, Save Mart has taken in about $37,000 in donations (total match nearly $74,000 to date).

Now people can also donate to the cause with just a “Like” on their Facebook page. Each “Like” generates a new donation of $5 from Save Mart, up to 10,000 “Likes” ($50,000).

New and old Save Mart Facebook fans can participate. New fans must first “Like” the main Save Mart Facebook page and then visit the Save Our Pools tab on the left side of the main page. Once reaching the Save Our Pools tab, they just need to click the “Like” button and their donation is tallied. The Save Our Pools tab will be keeping the tally of “likes” for the total donation throughout the “Like” drive.

Existing Save Mart fans can click into the Save Our Pools tab (left side of main page) and click the “Like” button in the Save Our Pools graphic. This tab is also where you can go to get the very latest information on the total funds raised (updated daily).



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